How it Works

Our Dashboard helps your Business get the most of our Product

CashPost offers your customers rewards for helping grow your social media presence. All posts are by real customers, allowing you to reach an untapped local market of potential customers.

Create Offers

Tailor your offers to fit your exact needs. Promote a new dish or just find new customers.
From Instagram Posts to Snapchat Stories, get exactly what form of social media you are looking for.

To inform your customers about CashPost, place our advertising kit around your restaurant. We can also personally bring you stands and tell you more about CashPost, just let us know!

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Reward Customers

Give your customers a cashback incentive to share their experience on social media.
We'll verify the authenticity of users' posts, and handle the payment mechanism too.

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Get Discovered

Influence your customer's networks to attract new visitors.
Watch your brand grow with social media's magic!

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